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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HSoftware (Human Software): Value Structure

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(It will be good to read my previous posts on this subject for continuity, better understanding and more benefits to you).

In my last post, I had mentioned that the effectiveness of a person depends on his "human software (HSoftware)" or "programming of mind" which consists of following four elements or factors:
1. Human beliefs or human value structure
2. Knowledge and information base (both rational and emotional)
3. Paradigms (mindsets or thinking patterns)
4. Will or enthusiasm (motivation) to act or execute
In these paragraphs, now, I will describe the first factor i.e. Value structure.

Human beliefs or value structure is all about conviction for the basic or fundamental truths or values. The thinking, decisions and actions of an individual are directed by the degree of conviction for the values. The values are not too many. They are just about 10 or 12 fundamental principles of life which have stood the test over thousands of years of human existence. Some of these are: truthfulness, kindness, respect for everyone, generosity, integrity. While being truthful in every circumstance is the principle, people interpret it severally and act accordingly. As per their convenience, they tell lies or speak truth. As for being respectful is concerned, though the fundamental principle means respecting every one, many people choose to respect the ones in authority or the rich guys or the people older than them, or only men and not women or there is race bias or religion bias or language bias. It's true.

These days many people argue that the sure-shot way to succeed in life is by telling lies or cheating or exploiting others etc and they quote many examples of very well known and so called famous (or is it notorious?) people who have climbed the ladder of prosperity, name and fame. So, as per them, this principle of truthfulness, not cheating any one etc is all bogus, it just can't work in the modern-day life.

I ask these people whether would they like to teach their own children to tell lies, cheat others or kill others for achieving success in life. I ask them as to why then were they wasting their children's life by teaching them to follow a principled path. Why should not they train their children in telling lies effectively or cheating effectively from right now on. Does any one have courage to do so? Or would any one like to do it to their own children? Then the truth dawns on these people, they feel a bit jolted and in one voice, I hear a strong "no".

Both the paths, the principled path and the un-principled path may get you name, fame, money and so called success but the two paths are parallel, they don't meet any where. Also, un-principled path may, many times, lead you to degradation, shame, stress, legal courts, jail etc.

Yet, though being hazily aware of what I have described so far, over a period of time, people start pursuing the principles or the values in their own way. They fall some where in the range of absolute followers to zero followers of different values. They act accordingly and get the results of their actions in line with the actions.

Principled person does not have to waste his efforts in guarding himself off the possible wrong consequences of the actions that an un-principled person is most often likely to embrace. Therefore, principled person seems lot more effective than an un-principled person.
In my next write-up I will describe the second factor of HSoftware i.e. "knowledge and information base (both rational and emotional)".

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Chris said...

amazing just how much the american populace has bought into this one, i have had to check myself so many times because it seems that in order to succeed one must almost perform such feats because of cheating competitors that make it difficult for many others.

Like the old military slogan:
"There's always one" that seem to mess it up for many,many,many others. And there is, that is what corporate america is all about now or so it seems is competition with so many crooked persons.



Shyam Bhatawdekar said...

The current world wide recession which has impacted millions of citizens of this world adversely is the resultant of unprincipled behavior of some people.