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Monday, June 29, 2009

HSoftware (Human Software): More on Change in Paradigms

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(It will be prudent to read my previous write-ups on the subject of "Shyam Bhatawdekar's effectiveness model: HSoftware)" so that this post here benefits you more).

I chose to write a few more things related to paradigms over and above what I wrote about paradigms earlier. Particularly I will write about change in paradigms.

Change in paradigms is an important step in becoming more effective and it is critical too. Also these are one's day-to-day mindsets or in loose language, day-to-day "beliefs" (not to be confused with "values" about which I wrote earlier). These mindsets get formed over a period of time on thousands of day-to-day things. These paradigms allow you to choose the directions for actions. So getting them correct is important or you will be going in many wrong directions and despite being sincere, honest and efficient in your efforts, you will not reach your destinations (goals/targets). Basically, due to wrong paradigms, you are not effective in finding the right directions.

I give below some pairs of paradigms. In each pair, the two given paradigms are opposite of each other or are at an angle to the other. One of the paradigms in the pair will appear to be more correct or more effective within the frame work of current scenarios. Read on and judge which paradigm in each pair is more correct. Also check for yourself whether taking actions in accordance with one paradigm of the pair will enhance the effectiveness as compared to the actions taken in accordance with the second paradigm of that pair of paradigms. (The pairs of paradigms given below are not in any order).
  • Dictatorship and democracy
  • Formal education not necessary for success and formal higher level professional education necessary for success
  • Better quality means higher cost and better quality means lower cost
  • Learn just about mother tongue and why not learn more languages
  • Will work in the city where I am born and open to work any where in the world
  • I am very selective in what I eat and why not try variety of food
  • Social drinking is OK and social drinking is the first step towards becoming habitual drinker and so, avoid drinking
  • There is no need to give education to females and females should be given/take as much education as possible for better family and better society
  • Physical intimacy and sex are just about one part of marriage and they are vitally important for blissful married life.
  • Too many hierarchies and flatter organization
  • Organizational/others' help is a must to shape up my career and I am the architect of my career
  • Hiding errors and uncovering errors
  • Low trust and high trust
  • It's OK if there are a few defects and I should deliver zero defect work
  • Bigger family with more children and smaller family with less children
  • Taking dowry in marriage is OK and taking dowry in marriage is absolutely wrong
  • I am in power and if I take bribe, its OK and I do take salary for the work I do, then why should I take bribe?
  • Companies belong to major shareholders (the promoters mostly) and companies are inanimate entities and they stand as independent entities (the promoters or major share holders are not the owners at all or by way of their major share holdings, they need not have to become the top officials of the company necessarily or automatically)
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