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Friday, December 12, 2008

HSoftware (Human Software): Change for Better

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(It will be prudent to read my previous write-ups on the subject of "Shyam Bhatawdekar's effectiveness model: HSoftware)" so that this post here benefits you more).

As we saw, most people acquire their HSoftware without exercising much scrutiny and control over it. They do not check the authenticity of the source and the quality of the acquired HSoftware, the result being their accumulating a good degree of obsolete, wrong and less effective HSoftware. Furthermore,
they start using this acquired HSoftware for their day-to-day observations, analysis and actions. HSoftware being inferior, it results in less effectiveness of thinking and actions and results are less than they could have been possible if a superior HSoftware was used.

By this process of repeated utilization this inferior HSoftware, their HSoftware makes a more or less permanent seat in the minds of the people and it becomes their "mindset".

Changing this less effective mindset is necessary if one desires to become more effective. Change is necessary. However, change for sake of mere change is no good. At times, just in the heat of changing, one may get into a situation of acquiring and replacing the existing HSoftware with another still inferior HSoftware. That kind of change is retrograde. Do change but change for better. Replace the existing less effective HSoftware with a more effective, better HSoftware by scrutiny of source and quality of new HSoftware. One must change if necessary or if opportunity of growth needs it.

However, it is a well known fact that any kind of change is difficult for people. There has always been resistance to change. It is mainly because one always tries to find faults with the change, sees and highlights the disadvantages of change. You will be able to embrace change easily or with less difficulty or with less resistance if instead of asking how change is disadvantageous to me and how not changing is advantageous to me, ask how change is advantageous to me and how not changing is disadvantageous to me? That's one of the important tricks to manage the change for better.

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