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Thursday, August 28, 2008

HSoftware (Human Software): Knowledge Base

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(You will benefit more if you also read my previous write-ups on this model "Shyam Bhatawdekar's Effectiveness Model- HSoftware").

In my previous post I dealt with value structure, the first of the four factors responsible for one's effectiveness. Now, in this post I will take you through the second factor of "HSoftware" called "knowledge base".

Knowledge base or information base of an individual is the next important factor to become more effective. Though they say that ignorance is bliss, the ignorance, at times, may kill people. Suppose I did not know any thing about my heart condition, I may indulge myself in eating and doing things which will be fatal but the moment I have an electro cardiogram and learn that I have a heart condition, I will start taking adequate precautions and medication. I have now improved my chances of leading a longer and healthier life. I have become more effective.

In a few of the countries in the world, many of the men in anticipation of becoming father start taking up lessons on pregnancy, child birth and child care. It definitely makes them better and more effective husbands and fathers. Their perception towards their wives and children is now far more correct.

If one has better knowledge about his profession and its competency requirements, he is better equipped to take further steps to do better in his profession.

Keeping an open mind is the best way to learn and thus gain more knowledge. One can learn from every where- from others, from wife and children, from mother and father, from brothers and sisters, from bosses, colleagues and subordinates, from what is happening around and from authentic literature.

Knowledge is of two types: the rational knowledge and the emotional knowledge (the emotional intelligence).

You come back home from office and you ask your wife as an every day ritual- darling how are you? Every day she says, "I am good" (and she means it). Today also she says, "I am good" (but she does not mean it, the tone is not the same, there is some frustration in the voice. If you look at her face (which you normally don't do after several years of marriage), there is some sadness on her face. All this, because early in the day, you rang her and cancelled the planned weekend outing since you had to attend an important meeting in the office on the weekend). An emotionally un-intelligent husband can not understand the slight difference in the two "I am good" expressions. And there he loses out some marks in the eyes of the wife. Yet, an emotionally intelligent husband anticipates wife's disappointment and is prepared to woo her back. He gets extra marks from his wife and possibly, extra rewards. Who is more effective?

Knowledge allows you to take the right directions to achieve your objectives and the correction or rework is less. You don't waste your efforts, time and other resources. Rational and emotional knowledge make your "human software" more capable and bug-less or bug free.

Continuous updating of knowledge is the key to improved "human software (HSoftware)" and therefore, to the effectiveness and success in all the spheres of life: personal, professional, family and social.

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