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Saturday, August 9, 2008

HSoftware (Human Software): Management in Life, Family, Profession, Business and Society

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In this space, I am going to share with you the latest, the most comprehensive and the most authentic model for achieving effectiveness, success, prosperity, peace, autonomy, genuineness, liberation and happiness in life, family, profession, business and society.

The effectiveness model put forth here is called "The Shyam Bhatawdekar Effectiveness Model: Human Software (HSoftware)".

This model is an outcome of my study and research on people's effectiveness (and in-effectiveness) from all walks of life. In my nearly 40 years of experience as an executive in the corporate sector and as a management consultant/management educator as well as 60 years experience as a human being, I have met several thousands of people and I have trained more than 100,000 persons in my 35000 hours of speaking assignments. I observed them keenly in their day-to-day life, collected data through several management exercises, games and case study discussions, read through and saw the success and failure stories and then constructed the model of effectiveness: "The Shyam Bhatawdekar Effectiveness Model: Human Software (HSoftware)".

The model, when tested over different aspects of human activities, is able to analyse those activities and behavior patterns of people and also presents solutions to the embedded problems.

Please read through the write-ups here frequently and be benefit ted by them in a real sense to manage your life more decently.

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Chris said...

Looking forward to following this blog, have already read several sections and it is commendable that you would take your time and all your efforts learned through your many years of managing people and continue to share them through this blog.

Looking forward to learning about this HSoftware - uniquely named by the way!!!

Take Care,
Eastern NC

Shyam Bhatawdekar said...

You may like to read my fully blown article (knol)on HSoftware at: