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Monday, October 6, 2008

HSoftware (Human Software): Acquisition of the HSoftware

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(It will be prudent to read my previous write-ups on the subject of "Shyam Bhatawdekar's effectiveness model: HSoftware)" so that this post here benefits you more).

We have established in the earlier posts that it is the "human software (the HSoftware)" which is responsible for human effectiveness and therefore, for success in personal, professional, family and social life).

If you wish to be successful in all the aspects of your life i.e. personal, professional, family and social aspects, you will have to have the appropriate HSoftware for each of these aspects and every piece of software required may not be the same. You have to acquire all those different pieces of HSoftware and if necessary integrate them or learn to allow them to interface with each other.

You will have to acquire and improve upon corresponding sets of values, knowledge and information, paradigms and will to perform (for competency and skill building).

Some people have lopsided effectiveness and therefore, lopsided success. I have seen that some excellent CEOs of corporate companies or Heads of States are professionally very effective and successful but they are utter failures as husbands; they have broken homes, they could not get on with their spouses and divorced or they indulge in extra-marital affairs. While their HSoftware was up to mark for their professional life, they had not acquired an appropriate HSoftware for living a happily married family.

HSoftware is not a birth right. It does not come with the physical body of the human being (the HHardware) from birth. It is not automatic. You have to acquire it the hard way. HSoftware is not a genetic determination but it has to be acquired and perfected over time and maintained at that perfect level. It requires human diligence.

People start acquiring their HSoftware as soon as they are born. At times, they consciously select the HSoftware they wish to acquire and at other times, it happens to them without their knowledge; the external environmental factors take over and the HSoftware seeps into their psyche. For example, in the early stages of the development of human mind, the children easily accept what they are told by their parents or teachers and that shapes up that part of their HSoftware. In this process, every piece of HSoftware one acquires has in it varying degrees of capabilities or effectiveness. Many times these pieces of HSoftware get frozen for ever in the minds of people and they are in a position to act or function accordingly. So, then, the effectiveness of their actions remains at that point throughout their life if they do not acquire higher versions of those pieces of HSoftware. It is essential that for better effectiveness, one will have to acquire higher versions of the four factors of HSoftware on a continuous basis and also the newly emerging HSoftware. As they say, one will have to continually change for the better. This again requires a desire or internal motivation or will power (one of the four HSoftwares) and then alone can you go through the desire-values-knowledge-paradigms-practice (do) model( and take steps to change for better.

Higher effectiveness is an outcome of continuously changing your values, knowledge, paradigms and internal motivation in the positive directions because in changing all of them for the better, you are acquiring the higher versions and more capable versions of all the four factors of your HSoftware. then, you act accordingly with higher effectiveness. This higher effectiveness applied in various walks of life brings to you higher and higher degrees of success, prosperity, peace, autonomy, genuineness, liberation and happiness.

In your youth, many a time, you learn from what is taught to you. Yet, as you start growing in age and growing in your HSoftware, you start picking up the additional HSoftware on your own also, consciously and also un-consciously. You pick it up from a large numbers of sources: your parents, spouse, your children and others' children, friends, neighbors, strangers, colleagues, bosses, books, other literature, Internet sites, films, movies and so on. It is a complex process. But most people are not even aware of this complex process and therefore, they do not control or monitor this process, the result being the acquisition of HSoftware by and large happens to them and that is one important reason for uploading inferior, low quality and un-examined HSoftware. With this kind of software seated in the minds of the people, they become less effective than what they could be had they analysed and tried to acquire higher quality HSoftware. In acquiring the HSoftware, there is a continuous change process but the final phrase is "Change for better".

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James Thomas said...

"Human Software" is a fascinating concept...

I guess that's what a lot of therapy really is... trading in old software for new thinking programs, huh?

Thanks for this post,

-James T.

Shyam Bhatawdekar said...


That's it, you hit the point.

One has to turn more flexible and choose more effective thinking patterns that in turn guide a person to take the right direction and take on a more effective journey in life.

Thanks for the interest shown in the post.